Hi there! We’re Jen and Brady Groves, road trip obsessed, adventurous, National Park loving outdoorspeople. We love to plan and go on road trips to really see and feel the beauty of our country and continent – especially in its national parks, and we love to bring people “along for the ride” through our blog.

Our main goal is to show that you don’t have to sell everything you own and move into a van (though that’s certainly an admirable pursuit for those who desire it!) to experience adventure and see many of the wonderful things our land has to offer. You can still have a career, own a home, raise a family, AND have a slice of #roadlife. We truly believe that our national parks are for everyone, and that road trips should be too. Road trips were an integral part of both of our childhoods, and we want that for our kids- and maybe yours, too!


Jen has a long background in the outdoors, starting at her family’s cabin near the Tetons. After years of going on road trips planned meticulously by her mom and sometimes going on detours for her dad to go on “adventure drives,” Jen developed her own love for planning trips, especially scenic road trips to her beloved national parks. Jen’s primary loves (aside from obsessively planning road trips) are alpine skiing, technical canyoneering (which has led to 6 years and counting of guiding), sport climbing, and hiking.


Brady grew up mixing national parks with baseball trips, and his parents fostered in him a love for culture and history. He loves all things archaeology and anthropology, and has a goal to visit all of the national parks and monuments featuring Ancestral Puebloan Ruins. (He’s also excellent at making sure Jen doesn’t do anything too crazy.) His favorite things are climbing, hiking, backpacking, and making awesome road trip mixes.



Theodore Roosevelt joined our family in April 2017 and is already well on his way to becoming the perfect adventure pup! Aside from his land shark tendencies, Teddy is AWESOME in the car, a great little hiker, and a pretty solid little scrambler too! We can’t wait to see how this fabulous little dude turns out.


Rest in Peace, sweetest floof nugget.

And we of course would be remiss not to mention our beloved Sadie, the best adventure dog who has ever lived. We miss her every day but can’t wait to help our newest family member be just as perfect!

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