White Sands National Monument | 02.18.18

White Sands. Wow. What an incredible place! We had originally planned to stay here overnight, but after a lot of talking we decided that if they were out of permits (which they were), we wouldn’t be terribly fussed. We had a really great afternoon/evening hanging out and playing on the dunes (with half of the state of New Mexico… it was packed!!), and enjoyed an incredible sunset.

I don’t have many words for this one, because I honestly believe they aren’t terribly necessary. It is beauty beyond what can be captured by words (or even photographs).


Digging holes – is anyone surprised?


I whip my hair back and forth.


It may have been due to the rain earlier in the week, but the texture of the sand was completely different than I had anticipated. I had expected super fine and soft sand like on Trunk Bay Beach in Virgin Islands National Park (perhaps because they are nearly the same color), but it was much closer to standard beach sand- much more coarse and gritty than I expected. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s still delightful and the color is stunning, just an interesting observation.


This has essentially no retouching. It was literally that color. It was absolutely transcendent.



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