The Dirt on The Dyrt

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a planner. When it comes to road trips especially, I plan a lot (some would say excessively). Even down to which campsite I choose. (No. Really. I do.) Some people probably find it ridiculous that I will literally “drive” through a campground on Google maps to scope out the best campsite, but to me, having a good campsite is imperative to a great trip! I love to have the prettiest, comfiest, most photogenic site in the whole place, with a good amount of shade, nearby water and bathrooms, and of course privacy.


One of the tools that has been very helpful to me while planning our camping trips is They have a database of over 20,000 campgrounds throughout the US full of reviews done by actual people who have actually camped there! When you review campgrounds with the Dyrt you get bonus points for adding photos, which is obviously very helpful to me for getting a good feel for what a campground looks like, plus it’s always nice to know what the real “dirt” on a campground is. Do the bathrooms really get cleaned regularly? Are the sites overgrown or super hard-packed? Do there happen to be strange toilets?

I wasn’t kidding about the strange toilets. This is in Saint Mary campground in East Glacier.

You may be wondering what motivates people to write these reviews and include good photos of the campground. Well, aside from the proud accomplishment of contributing to the greater good, The Dyrt hosts giveaways every month to reward their top reviewers with FREE GEAR. Yes, you heard me, free gear. We’ve won Buffs, a pair of jeans (well, a gift card that we used to purchase a pair of jeans from Swrve), and even a subscription to Cairn, just for reviewing campsites we stayed in. How cool is that? The top 3 reviewers in each region every month are eligible for different prizes based on the region. The better your review is (photos, videos, etc), the more points you’ll get, and the more likely you are to come out on top! It’s even super easy to review on the go with their mobile app (for Android and iOS)!

We’ve loved the Dyrt for a while now, and they are great to work with. Need a campground added? They’ll take care of you! Coupon code for your winnings not working? No sweat, they’ll make sure you’re entering everything in correctly. They are super fast to respond to messages, even on Sundays (those crazy workaholics!), and even their original founder, Sarah. She is awesome, and we especially love supporting a company started by a fellow badass lady adventurer (aka #ForceofNature)!

And, of course, as bloggers ourselves we can never resist a fun blog we actually enjoy reading! The Dyrt has that too, because they have almost everything (except the kitchen sink). You can read all of the fun posts on their blog here.

Honestly, we have really enjoyed participating and reviewing campgrounds on the Dyrt! It’s a fun way for us to feel like our trips can help make someone else’s experience even better, plus it’s an excuse to take rad campground shots, so it’s a win-win!


You can be a part of the Dyrt too, and start working your way to being a part of our ultra-exclusive club of Rangers (contest winners) like us!

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