#ERT_2015 Day 2 – Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park – 07.28.15

We woke up to ice on the car (and some people’s tents, but we were partially sheltered under a tree and stayed a bit more dry. A bit). It was COLD. And wet. But we got the heat running in the Jeep and packed up fast to get on our way to the “Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.” It had been almost 10 years since I’d been to that part of Yellowstone, and as always it did not disappoint!!

Every single tent in this photo is an REI Half Dome. Hahahaha. Not planned. They’re just awesome.

Cold, wet tents! Brrrr.IMG_5992









PC: Ally Miyazaki

We continued on our merry way and soon encountered snow. On the ground. It was really beautiful, but I was glad I was in my warm and cozy Jeep and not backpacking through the area!


IMG_5118 - IMG_5120



Laws, but it was beautiful.

We didn’t see any wolves. 😦 But there’s probably one somewhere in this picture.




We made a quick stop at Mammoth Hot Springs before we hit the road to head to Glacier.

IMG_5298 - IMG_5299



IMG_5326 - IMG_5333




This is the closest we got to Roosevelt Arch. Kind of a bummer, but we were glad that we didn’t have to wait in this line (that continued around the corner for almost twice as long as what you can see in the photo) to get into the park.

We made a quick stop at Flathead Lake for dinner. It was stormy, so the water wasn’t as clear as I’d hoped. We also discovered that we had set up the electric cooler wrong, and a bunch of food had gone bad. (It had gotten plugged in to the “heat” setting instead of the “cool” setting.) Real talk, I was kind of devastated. We had scrimped and saved for so long and budgeted super carefully and bought food that was supposed to last us at least a week, but closer to two. I definitely cried, especially since we didn’t really have the money to replace the spoiled food and wouldn’t while we were on the trip. I had just started a new job and my direct deposit hadn’t officially gone through yet, so I wouldn’t be able to get paid until we got home, and Brady’s paycheck would come with only two days left on our trip. Should we have budgeted better? Perhaps, though I’m not sure we could have, honestly. I honestly agonized for weeks if we should just bail on the trip, but it was my idea and I had worked so incredibly hard to make it happen that I couldn’t stomach the idea of not going. We ended up working things out with the food, but it was definitely not fun to get such a huge gut punch on only the second day of the trip. But I pulled myself together pretty quickly, especially since after that we only had a couple more hours of driving before we made it to Glacier!



This photo makes me chuckle, because this wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind, but I was driving and didn’t want to inconvenience my friends by getting out and taking the photo I envisioned… so this is what I got. It’s not bad, but the road was SO beautiful

IMG_5359 - IMG_5366


We saw several little fawns on the side of the road, listened to some fabulous classic rock (I’m pretty sure Sirius put on Stevie Wonder just to cheer me up after the cooler situation), and a double rainbow – yes, all across the sky. We made it to our gorgeous campsite by Lake McDonald and managed to get our tent completely dry by the time we needed to go to bed. Yay!





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